Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Jesus Snatchers

Who would steal a baby Jesus? The local news today reports that churches are attaching gps devices to their baby Jesus mangers, and installing security cameras for their nativity scenes. Through this insemination of technology into religion, some religious finatics may see this a forshadowing of, "the mark of the beast." Who knows? Maybe it is. However, no person can answer that question, and no person may want to know. Who cares, but it is an interesting thought.

With the economy in such turmoil, people will stoop to almost any level for a couple of bucks. People killing their own family members, robbing their neighbors of their ipods, and God forbid, baby Jesus mangers! This is despicable and something must be done about it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cheer

As Christmas is just around the corner, many parents scramble to attain the best gifts for their children. Recently I've learned that this tradition began even in the days of Jesus Christ. I'm curious to know whether this is true. However, I may be too lazy to do the research and find out. How can the tradition be that bad anyways. Having grown up in a Christian home I often wonder about the contradictions of tradition and spiritual/biblical principals. For instance, giving gifts to those who are less fortunate as opposed to those who are able to return the favor. If I think about all these contrasting ideas, it makes me dizzy. Even worse than that, what to buy my friends and family for Christmas! Oh, wouldn't it be so much easier just to give everyone a card that says, "due to my protest of material idolatry I will not be giving gifts this year. Thank you and God bless." This could be my simple solution to the problem., but what would be the repercussions of such an idea? Then I would have to decide whether to accept or refuse their gifts. If I refuse the gifts, I will be viewed as pieist, but if I accept them, I will be viewed as hypocritical.

Wouldn't it be easier just to buy a wii, ipod, xbox 360, iphone, laptop, and a gps device. That would cover all the gifts I want to purchase for my family. This wouldn't be to bad if I didn't have to pay any bills. Through making some gifts, I'm sure I could save a lot of money. Picking up a craft could not only save me money, but also it could help lift the winter blues. Usually I wait till Christmas eve to do all of my Christmas shopping. This would force me to start earlier. I will have to decide very soon. When I decide, I will share my ideas.
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